Happy First “National Handbag Day”


I know I’m a day late, but better late than never.  Yesterday, October 10, was a memorable day filled with two very important “firsts.”  It was my nephew’s first birthday (had to dedicate the day just to him yesterday), and it was also the first ever “National Handbag Day!”  It would be shameful of me to not raise awareness because of the handbag lover that I am.  Thank you “Purseblog” for recognizing the significance of celebrating this day.  I believe that a handbag is the perfect best friend to any lady.    They sit pretty, add value to any look, express themselves modestly, can be spotted as real/fake from a distance, and lend a helping hand (or chain) to making you look better without judgement.

chanel 1

To all of my fellow Handbag Collectors, Lovers, Obsessers, and Admirers, let’s raise our bags to a well-earned day.  Cheers to an upcoming year of collections growing bigger, Hermes not taking forever to fulfill orders, Chanel and Fendi reverting back to their classic styles, and labels not changing their beloved names (ahem, Saint.)

Remember, less is always more – says no Handbag Lover, EVER!


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