Funny Business in Prague

Happy Monday!   I wanted to start the week off with a fun, light, short and sweet kind of read!  Take a well-deserved three minute break from whatever you are doing and come with me to Praha (Prague).


Before arriving to picturesque Prague, I had formed ideas of what I might find in the “City of One Hundred Spires.” However, I was completely shocked by the Czech’s sense of humor (I’ll elaborate in a future post) – even in the restroom!

While shopping at the Palladium Mall in downtown Prague, my husband and I stopped for a  restroom break.  When he came out of the men’s restroom, he had a huge smirk on his face.  Obviously, I was curious to know what happened, but instead of explaining, he just took out his camera to show me.


Get this — above each urinal, is a picture of a girl with a facial expression in regards to what she sees.  Choose wisely, men.  Who knew you would have so many options in a restroom!

… And I think have a feeling I know which urinals tend to be the most used (wink, wink)!

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