Reality Love? My take on “Ready for Love” vs “The Bachelor”


Are you “Ready for Love?”  I have to admit, when I saw the commercials advertising the show, I rolled my eyes  thinking, here we go again.  In an effort to come up with the next big dating series, NBC decided to integrate the science behind The Bachelor using the logic behind the Millionaire Matchmaker.  The only thing that really captivated my attention was Bill and Giuliana Rancic because I happen to love them as individuals and as a couple.


I admit, I used to be a fan of “The Bachelor,” but my excitement quickly diminished after witnessing all the couples fall apart after their romantic proposals.  Well, with the exception of Trista and Ryan.  And I swear, if I hear any more follow-up interviews with them, I’m going to scream.  We get it!  We get that you two have been married “happily” for 10 years after finding love on the show and created a happy little family for yourselves.  Congrats!  Sorry to sound harsh.  Sorry, not sorry.

Come on, people!  It’s not rocket science.  You put two people on a show, set their dates in the most romantic settings, pay for it, give them drinks back to back, and sit back to watch them make out.  Hello????  That obviously doesn’t work in the real world, so why would you think it would work on a TV show.  You don’t know anything about each other, except for the fact that you both are looking for love and haven’t found it yet, and that he’s hooking up with 24 other girls at the same time.  DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF FROM THE REST!  If a guy doesn’t have to sacrifice anything of his own to win you over, then how would he you learn your value?  If he doesn’t have to think about the next steps because everything is planned out for him (even the proposal), then why would you think it would work once the producers aren’t living with you?  You’ve reached a place called Desperation.  That’s where the heart works without the mind;  Where words speak louder than actions.  And just for the record, I feel the same way about “The Bachelorette,” – No double standards here.  Sorry just had a Dr. Phil moment …


On a positive note, what I love about the show is the beautiful destination spots they are taken to on their journey in search of love.  Oh, and watching the girls act ridiculous towards each other.  Pathetic for you. Entertaining for me!



Now this is where this show stands apart from “The Bachelor: “Ready for Love” provides matchmakers that are experts in their field and can help both parties in making better decisions as they move along further in the process.  Another twist is that the matchmakers are involved in the elimination process.   Well, that should be a game changer and can hopefully help the candidates find wlovehat they are truly looking for.  Although … Okay, I admit I like the show, but I have to say I’m a little skeptical because of what I’m about to say next: the girls chosen seem to already be in love with the man of the hour (in Tuesday’s case, Tim, the man in the middle of the pic).  Huh?!?! Did I miss something???  Girls, you don’t even know him! Just because he says all the right things doesn’t make him perfect for you.  Love only takes you so far and is just an emotion.  Let me put some verbs into my next sentence.  Trust, Communication, Compromise and Respect is what stands behind true love.  This is the point where I get frustrated.  I understand your heart desires love, but does your mind get left behind?

Can I just stop right here and say something about the last sentence I typed in the paragraph above?  For all you “Sex and the City” fans out there, I totally felt like I was Carrie Bradshaw *without the cigarette in my mouth) writing my next column entry.  Okay, sorry.  Where was I? Oh yes …


I’m not sure how the rest of the show will unfold, but am looking forward to watching to see what happens.  Honestly, I’ve been entertained by it so far.  It’s too soon to say what I think about the matchmakers, but will definitely discuss it in a later post as the season progresses.  Either way, I’m a little more optimistic about “Ready for Love.”  I don’t think finding love on TV is impossible, but the statistics make it hard for me to stay hopeful.  I may be optimistic, but I’m a realist above all.

Well, there you have it folks.  That’s my opinion.  What do you guys think of the show?

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  1. Farshad
    May 30, 2013 at 8:43 pm (10 years ago)

    Salaam Kimiya joon.

    I am also one of the many persian/iranian members in the community in california. Although i have been born and raised in america, i have a very strong and close attachment to my culture, family, and heritage. I consider myself an iranian first, and second an american (:/ lol) I’m well verses with the etiquettes of my culture, and speak read and write farsi fluently. However, when i visit our hometown, people see me as an america-iranian (which they are correct). This association in fact bothers me because i feel that i have this hybrid identity or in certain times i feel no identity. Am i an american? am i an iranian? I feel that associating myself as a successful Iranian-American is a sellout. Sorry for the long post but i wanted to know your views and thoughts on this matter and if you can relate.



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